Seriously Milestone Cards - Preggo Pack

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Seriously Milestone cards Preggo Pack contains cards that help you capture pregnancy's 'real' moments.

Cards include:

I can no longer see past my guts, I LOVE it when strangers rub my belly, Baby Brain,  First Stretch Marks, So much new body hair, I can no longer do up my shoelaces, I need to pee every 5 minutes, My normal clothes don't fit anymore, I sneezed...enough said,

Everything makes me want to spew, Somebody get this kid out of me!, Apparently I'm not the right size for my dates, Heart Burn, I'm SO tired, Seriously Hormonal, Craving, I know it's me, but it's hot in here, Hello cankles!,


The packaging is made in Australia from 100% recycled stock and the cards from 400gsm paper sourced from sustainable forests.

The cards feature rounded edges so your little ones don’t hurt themselves when holding them, and have a matt laminate overlay to ensure they can handle all the drool!

Seriously Milestones donates $1 sold from every pack to the Stillborn Foundation of Australia. 

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